Thursday, May 17, 2012


Many of my friends have ask me this question ?

Will UMNO SMOOTHLY TRANSFER POWER to PAKATAN RAKYAT if UMNO and BN LOSE in the next general election ?

My friends ask me this question after reading the STAR newspaper which quoted former Perak MB Nizar as saying that PM Najib recently met up with the ARMY top brass to seek the army help should Umno lose in the coming election.

They are very worried that MALAYSIA will end up like SYRIA where the ARMY is MURDERING THE SYRIANS PEOPLE ON THE ORDER OF THE GOVT
in order to maintain power.

Initially,I was unable to give them an answer but I promised to give them an answer the next evening.

Early next morning, I went to see a friend of mine who is a retired LEFTENAN COLONEL of ANGKATAN TENTERA MALAYSIA (ATM) and after ordering our tea and coffee,I ask him the above question ?

Being a no nonsense ARMY MAN, he told me that the ARMY TOP BRASS support the GOVT but the lower ranking officers is WITH THE RAKYAT.His answer give me an uneasy feeling and kept me thinking the whole day on all the possible scenario if a RIOT occur on the street of KL.

As promised, I met up with my friends and I told them what my ARMY friend told me. I told them that it is very very difficult for a party that have ruled the country for more than 50 years to hand over power even if they LOST IN A DEMOCRATIC ELECTION.

So,I would not be surprised if there is RIOT in MALAYSIA SHOULD THE INEVITABLE HAPPEN.

Therefore, the ARMY IS THE KEY as they are the only people who will be able to maintain PEACE AND SECURITY in the country. I would not want what is currently happening in SYRIA to happen in our beautiful MALAYSIA and it is my fervent hope that the LOW RANKING ARMY OFFICERS WILL PROTECT THE RAKYAT AND MAINTAIN PEACE AND SECURITY SHOULD A RIOT CAUSE BY PEOPLE WHO WANT TO MAINTAIN POWER HAPPEN IN MALAYSIA.


Anonymous said...

the key is to not let the barisan rakyat antagonize the civil servants especially the police & army.
any govt (which the BA aspire to) need their support to govern a country.

A Voice said...

If you understand the subversion game and psywar, i think you should be more concern with subversive elements in pakatan. They are closely linked to american covert operators.

But if you dont believe, then you dont know.

These days it is as open as any book.