Saturday, April 28, 2012



To get to Central Market is also an adventure. Initially, I intend to walk to Central Market from Brickfields
but near Scott Road,they was a Police Block and even those on foot is not allow to walk to Central Market.

At 11am ,I told my despatch boy to give me a lift in his motorcycle to take me to the old railway station
where a large group of people have already gathered outside Masjid Negara. From there, I wanted to walk on foot to
Central Market through Dayabumi.On the way, I met 2 Young Man in yellow who told me they is a police block at Dayabumi.
In the end, I troop back to the old railway station to go to Central Market.

Once I reached Central Market, I call my friend Tan but to my dismay, for my DIGI handphone,they is no line or coverage.
I ask a few protestors and only Maxis have coverage while all the other line is OUT. At this time, they was around 2000 protestors outside Central Market and the PAS volunteer unit AMAL did a great job in controlling the crowd. At this moment,more people are coming by using the LRT Kelana Jaya line by stopping at PASAR SENI STATION. By 1pm, the crowd have increase to around
10000 people.

Out of the blue,they is another group of protestors coming from Petaing Streets with half of them wearing green shirts protesting against the dumping of TOXIC WASTE IN LYNAS,PAHANG. This group was marching to Dataran Merdeka through Kotaraya but stop outside OCBC Bank Buliding because of police blockage.

At around 1.30pm, I was having a drink at my friend coffeeshop Lai Foong to quench my thirst and to relax after 2 hours of walk.

Suddenly, the group in Central Market starting marching to Dataran Merdeka through Jln Cheng Lock and walking pass the Old Maybank branch at Jln Bandar. I was marching in this group with former Perak MB Nizar who was carrying his little daughter in his shoulder surrounded by PAS volunteers from its AMAL unit. The procession came to a halt at Jln Tun Perak as the earlier group from Petaling Street have stop at Jln Tun Perak because of Police Blockage outside Masjid Jamek.

The crowd at this time is estimated to be around 30000 protestors and KL CITY have CAME TO A HALT.

I am a protestor because I want to protect and safeguard the future of our young generations of all races.

Today, I am very proud to be a ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA as I saw Malaysian of ALL RACES taking part in this BERSIH MARCH to protest against the corruption of Umno and BN.

If we continue like this, MALAYSIA WILL HAVE GREAT FUTURE as malaysian of all races is able to COME TOGETHER TO SOLVE OUR NATIONAL PROBLEM.

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you should go and fight corruption and all the creative accounting in chinese business not deny it.