Saturday, December 17, 2011


Recently,a friend ask me WHY UMNO DID NOT GO INTO SARAWAK?

My answer to his question is The RICHEST MAN in Malaysia Taib MAHMUD. When old man Dr M was the PM, the then MB of Selangor Mat "MIKE TYSON" Taib wanted to challenge Orang Tua for the UMNO presidency. To overcome Mike Tyson,Old Man appointed a private investigator(PI) from London to investigate Tyson.

After 2 months,the Mat Salleh PI CAME BACK WITH A VERY THICK FILE which shocked old man.The reason the file is thick as it contain the information of 2 TAIBS because as far as the Mat Salleh is concerned Mat Taib and Taib Mahmud is the SAME person.Immediately,old man summoned Mike TYson to Putrajaya and from that moment Mike Tyson became a GOOD BOY to old man.

As far as Taib Mahmud is concerned,he is only interested to stay forever as chief minister of Sarawak. Hence,he is not a threat to old man but orang tua know that he has a lot of cash.So,old man summoned him to putrajaya and ask him for a donation.Immediately,he made a personal donation of RM 400 million to UMNO with the condition that Umno do not go into Sarawak.In this coming election,I think he will come up with another RM 400 million to fight for the 31 parliament seats in Sarawak.It will not be a problem since his total assets is RM 4.6 BILLION and Najib need not finance BN Sarawak as along as he leave Taib alone.

My last posting is an analysis of the amount contributed by the 40 companies to the UMNO election warchest and the total amount came to a staggering RM 790 MILLION.

The above amount does not include the warchest of other BN component parties such as Parti Pesaka Bumiputra (PBB),MCA,MIC and other parties. We assume that the total amount of all the other parties is RM 100 million.

Therefore,the total of all BN funding is as folows:- RM (Million)

1) UMNO----------------------------------------------790

2) PBB Sarawak---------------------------------------400

3) Other BN parties----------------------------------100


With a total election fund of close to RM 1.3 Billion, it will be hard to beat BN in the election.

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Do not propogate lies. Get the facts straight.