Sunday, December 4, 2011


Today,we discuss an interesting topic that is the Umno warchest in the coming 13th General Election.

In 1984,I was a young man working for Hanafiah,Raslan & Mohamad (HRM) who was the auditors for Bank Bumiputra (BBMB). During the course of the audit,I found out that before any general election, BBMB will donate RM 5 Million to the Umno election fund.

Before he died in the helicopter crash in Trengganu,the late Yahya Ahmad of DRB donated RM50 million to the warchest of Umno.

A lot of people is expecting an opposition win in the coming election but in my opinion it is not easy to beat Umno in the coming election due to the huge warchest that it has because of the contribution from the private sector and the GLCs.

I have chosen only 40 companies who I think will contribute towards the Umno election fund and most of this companies are listed in Bursa Malaysia.The followings are the companies and the amount that I think they will contribute:- RM (Millions)

1) Genting--------------------------------------------50

2) Berjaya Toto--------------------------------------25

3) Magnum-------------------------------------------25

4) YTL-------------------------------------------------20

5) Maxis Group--------------------------------------20

6) Sime Darby----------------------------------------20

7) IOI--------------------------------------------------20

8) SP Setia---------------------------------------------20

9) Syed Mokhtar Group-----------------------------20

10) Tiong Rimbunan Hijau--------------------------20

11) Batu Kawan Group-------------------------------20

12) Samling group------------------------------------20

13) Air Asia--------------------------------------------20

14) Shin Yang Group---------------------------------20

15) Maybank-------------------------------------------20

16) CIMB------------------------------------------------20

17) Hong Leong Bank---------------------------------20

18) AM Bank--------------------------------------------20

19) Public Bank-----------------------------------------20

20) Affin Bank------------------------------------------20

21) Sunway Group-------------------------------------20

22) Gamuda --------------------------------------------10

23) MRCB -----------------------------------------------10

24) TA ---------------------------------------------------10

25) Johan Holdings -----------------------------------10

26) Ipoh Garden Group-------------------------------10

27) Mah Sing--------------------------------------------10

28) Kencana/Sapura-----------------------------------10

29) United Plantation----------------------------------10

30) Naza Group-----------------------------------------10

31) Khazanah--------------------------------------------10

32) Telekom---------------------------------------------10

33) TNB --------------------------------------------------10

34) DIGI--------------------------------------------------10

35) UMW Group-----------------------------------------10

36) Proton -----------------------------------------------10

37) HapSeng Group-------------------------------------10

38) Tanchong Group------------------------------------10

39) KFC Group--------------------------------------------10

40) Petronas ---------------------------------------------50




The total of RM790 Millions is a conservative number and it does not include other donations especially from small businesses.

Playing politics is like playing POKER in that the person with the most cash will always win.With RM 790 MILLION,it will be difficult for Umno to lose in the election.

Personally,in order to secure the future of our younger generation,I hope Parti CURI Umno will lose in the next election but with the warchest that it has,it will be difficult for Pakatan Rakyat to win.

Even if Umno loses,it will not let go of the power it has easily, as I belief,SOME PEOPLE WILL CREATE RIOT IN ORDER TO RETAIN ITS POWER THROUGH THE EMERGENCY ACT.


Anonymous said...

I remember my days at one of the GLC... GE2004.. not mistaken.. we had to use our own car as our PAJEROs used as election tools for BN candidate.

One one my friend fool enough not stripping the BN logo after the election...

Then I noticed that many GLC's vehicles not marked. This way will be easier for BN to use.

The current practice also duplicated by Government Cars... Only small easy to remove stickers are used as identification and no more cooperate/department colour/logo...

So we can see BN will have more vehicles this coming GE.

Pakatan will lose ground but not HOPE.

Anonymous said...

My guess is only 30-40% of the millions would see the light of day, the remainder, vanished into thin air or some pockets.