Saturday, November 5, 2011


The Auditor General(AG) Report 2010 concluded that the current national debts of Malaysia is RM 407 BILLIONS which is 53% of the Gross National Product (GDP).

Under the loan and investment Act,the maximum amount of govt debt is 55% of the GDP.In fact every malaysian share of the govt debts is RM 15,074.

The AG report state that the govt have a big deficit in its accounts because the following reasons ;-

1) Wastage

2) Mismanagement

3) Overspending for not doing market research.

All the above reasons are BULLSHIT.The real reasons for all this is CORRUPTION.

The National Space Centre spend RM67.7 Million on Hi-Tech equipment and this equipment is lying in the store with its packing intact.

The National Sports Institute spend RM 5.66 Million on 23 horses without the approval of the ministry and this horses did not qualify for the World Endurance Championship.

The Marine Park Dept spend RM 56250 on a pair of night vision binocular when the market price for it is only RM 1940.

The govt bought 150kg of sugar for RM 25,500 for a price of RM 170 PER KG. I imagine this sugar must have some magic in it.

The way this govt is running the country,we are the GREECE OF ASIA as the amount of debts incurred by this govt have already made us bankrupt.

I just mentioned a few corrupt practices as they are too many to mention as this govt is willing to bankrupt Malaysia in order to MAINTAIN POWER.

Therefore,to overcome this problem and to prevent Malaysia as the GREECE OF ASIA,WE THE RAKYAT MUST CHANGE THE GOVT IN NEXT ELECTION.

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