Saturday, July 2, 2011

Burma or Myanmar

Today, I will blog about Burma or Myanmar.As all of you know,Burma is under the control of a military govt where the general and his fellow army officers who run the country have only FORM 5 level of education.

I wanted to write this article a long time ago but the inspiration to write on this came when Hongkong actress Michelle Yeoh was BAR from entering Myanmar.The burmese govt bar her because the govt was suspicious that Michelle is giving Money to Aung San Su Chi in order for Su Chi to fund her political activities.

As far as I am concern,the people of Burma are all coward as they do not have the guts to form an army to overthrow the govt.All the burmese have done is to leave Burma and go to Malaysia to work illegally.

The burmese people especially the young future generation is going to suffer for a long time because the present generation is not willing to sacrifice themselves for thr good of the future.

In order to overthrow the govt and secure a better future for the next generation,the present burmese must form an army and must be willing to sacrifice themselves as alot of people will die in a civil war to kick out the present oppressive regime.

Unfortunately,this is not happening as all the burmese are having a good life in Malaysia. In downtown Kuala Lumpur,the Burmese are no longer working for their boss in the Char Kway Teow,Wantan Mee or Laksa stalls but are instead the Boss of all this food stalls as they rent the stalls from the chinese owner.

Thus ,with such good life and having a business,this burmese will not go home to fight the militery govt and Myanmar will be continue to suffer as the military regime is going to rule for a long time.

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