Friday, March 18, 2011


The Sarawak state election is expected to be held in April and I would like to URGE ALL ELIGIBLE VOTERS to come out and VOTE AGAINST BN and Taib Mahmud who is the RICHEST MAN in Malaysia.

After 30 years in power as the Chief Minister of Sarawak, it is TIME FOR TAIB TO GO as his family and cronies have benefited enormously since the day he became Chief Minister.

Today,Tranparency International have call the Useless MACC to start investigation of corruption by Taib and his family as Malaysia rating for fight against corruption is very BAD. This affect Malaysia image to attract foreign investors who do not invest in countries with bad transparency rating as issued by Transparecy International.

This coming election should be the BEGINNING OF THE END OF TAIB and it is time the people of Sarawak to GET BACK their state.

Therefore,I would urge the people of Sarawak to come out in full force on election day to VOTE AGAINST TAIB and to GET BACK THEIR STATE where billions HAVE BEEN STOLEN by PBB and BN.

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