Friday, August 1, 2008

I love Malaysia but dislike the govt

My friend Rakesh asked me whether I love Malaysia or not? As a good taxpayer,I LOVE my country MALAYSIA very much but I dislike the govt of BN. The reasons for my dislike of the govt of Umno and BN is as follows:- 1) The govt does not give me anything but always remember to sent the income forms to me. 2) The economy is deteriorating but the govt does not have a direction to overcome the problem. 3) Foreign share market investors is leaving Malaysia by cutting their losses in Bursa Malaysia as they have no confidence in Malaysia because of political instability. 4) Foreign property investors is adopting a wait and see attitude due to the weakness in the economy because bickering among the politicians. 5) Inflation is very high in the double digit territory. 6) The tax that I pay is corrupted by govt. If I have the power,the first thing that I will do is to sack the govt of Umno and BN, dissolved parliament and call for fresh election in order to install a govt that take care of the Rakyat.Thus I urge PAK LAH and NAJIB to resign as the Rakyat do not have confidence in both of you and a change of govt through the ballot boxes is good for Malaysia.

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