Monday, July 7, 2008

Retired Pak Lah,Najib and Anwar.

This blog will not strike or mogok despite being fed up with all bickering involving the country top politicians because to strike means stopping the fight against a corrupt and irresponsible govt.The govt will be happy if all bloggers strike and closed their website all together.I agree with Rocky Bru that the politicians is only interested to fight for positions for themselves instead of helping and working for the Rakyat who is facing so much problems like how to feed their family on a daily basis. In addition,we have to face inflation because of petrol hike and the economy of Malaysia is very uncertain in the future.Thus,the rakyat and foreign investors have loss confidence in the govt which is reflected in the tumbling of share price at Bursa Malaysia.What we need is for the govt to revive the economy and not the bickering among politicians which cause hardship to the Rakyat.This is the case of "Gajah lawan Gajah,Pelanduk mati di tengah".What we neeed now is for someone to fix our economy. If I have the power,I would retired Pak Lah,Najib and Anwar immediately so that the new leaders of the country can kick start and revive the economy.This blog have been very consistent in its position of calling Pak Lah and Najib to stand aside.

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