Friday, July 11, 2008

1st JULY 2010 - PM of MALAYSIA is PAK LAH

For the first time,I agreed with old man DR M that Najib will not be PM of Malaysia come June 2010. A period of 23 months from now is a very long time in politics. I belief that from now,accusation after accusation at Najib being involve in the Altantuya case will surface and in the end Najib will lose his position as deputy president of Umno and Deputy PM of Malaysia come June 2010.Thus, Umno have no choice but to retain Pak Lah as PM as they have lost a deputy president and DPM. Pak Lah position is very weak but I am sure he will manuvore to keep his position in the party and govt.It would not surprise me if new evidence on the mongolian case start surfacing and in the end it implicate Najib. Since Najib is fighting with Anwar , Pak Lah is very happy as the spotlight is not on him and he will use this period to consolidate his support base in the party while his deputy is busy fighting the opposition.Thus.Najid and Anwar will be exhausted and the winner is Pak Lah. If Pak Lah is sincere in resigning,he should resign now instead of June 2010 and I am sure he has a very good political game plan to ensure he stay in power. If I am a betting man,I will bet heavily on Pak LAH STILL BEING THE PM OF MALAYSIA IN JULY 2010

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