Saturday, July 12, 2008

Petronas 6 option holders

Remember Jeffrey Kitingan, a name I distrust as he has play out his own brother Pairin and left PBS to join BN A few years back.Nervetheless,he wrote a very interesting article about Petronas selling only 20% of its oil in the open market and the remainder 80% to 6 option holders at a lower price. This is a very serious allegation and this blog would like Petronas to clarify whether this is true or not?

If it is true, this blog have the following questions:-

  • 1) Who is the 6 option holders?
  • 2) Who Approve these 6 option holders?
  • 3) What is the price per barrel of oil sold to them? In all fairness,George Choo as a taxpayer would like Petronas to answer the following questions above.
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