Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Latest trend in Malaysia - Action against bloggers

A new trend have just emerged in Malaysia where the police is taking tough action against bloggers who have been telling what the authorities do not want to hear that is THE TRUTH. After RPK was detained under the ISA, today the police have detained PAS blogger SHIEK KICKDAFELLA in Kota Baru under the Sedition Act. For all my fellow bloggers, be careful as the police is going after us for the simple reason of us telling THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH . The reason BN lost the last election is because UMNO and BN did not tell the truth. Therefore,in order to protect themselves,those in power is ordering the police to take action against the bloggers in order to silence them.Remember , it is not PAKATAN RAKYAT that won the March election,it is the bloggers who won the election for PAKATAN RAKYAT.Therefore,the first step to protect their positions in the govt is to silence the bloggers. Hence, the detention of RPK and SHIEK.Therefore,I am expecting the police to arrest more bloggers in the coming weeks and to all my fellow bloggers especially Rocky and HARRIS of THE PEOPLE PARLIAMENT,BE CAREFUL as the police is eyeing all of us.

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