Monday, September 15, 2008

SYABAS to Zaid Ibrahim for walking the talk.

Congratulations to Zaid Ibrahim for walking the talk in resigning as the de facto Law Minister. His resignation is due to the fact that he is against the govt in using the ISA to detain civilians when there are many other laws which can be us to charge offenders available. He is unlike Home Minister Syed Hamid who thinks that there are 2 sets of law in Malaysia that is one for UMNO members and another for the rest of us.The first person to be detained under ISA should be Ahmad Ismail and not RPK,THERESA KOK and reporter TAN HOON CHENG. According to Syed Hamid ,Ahmad was not detain under ISA because UMNO have taken action against him.Syed Hamid also said that he is not involved in making the decision to arrest the three of them,when the basic thing for the police to do before making the arrest is to inform the PM and the HOme Minister.Subsequently,he retracted the statement that he is not involved in the arrest. Because of all this incident together with the political instability,the malaysian is very sick where foreign investors is pulling out and stop investing in Malaysia. To gain foreign investment we need a stable govt and we need to change the govt in order to SAVE MALAYSIA FROM GOING DOWN.We need to bring down UMNO and BN through the ballot boxes in order to have a NEW MALAYSIA.

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