Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who is lying - RPK or PM, DPM and KJ

Everyday,the politics in Malaysia is getting more interesting due to new exciting news coming out from the bloggers.Fellow blogger RPK have been accused as a liar by the PM, DPM and KJ in relation to a military intelligence report over the murder of Altantuya from Mongolia. Obviously,somebody is lying. RPK has signed a statutory declaration over this matter and I am sure he is not stupid to file a statutory declaration without having solid and concrete evidence in this murder case.I hope that RPK will proof in court that what he has been saying is true.I hope that whoever is caught lying will be severely punished. Pak Lah motto for Malaysia is "Cemerlang,Gemilang and Terbilang" where he promised that he will make this country outstanding,glorious and Exceptional but what we the Rakyat have received so far are all "Temberang" which in direct translation mean BULLSHIT.

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