Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crisis of confidence in Malaysia.

The malay have a proverb "Gajah lawan Gajah,Pelanduk mati di tengah".This is where when 2 elephants fight,the reindeer standing in the middle is killed as a result of being sandwich by them.This is precisely what is currently happening in Malaysia where the top leaders in the govt fight among themselves for position and the victim in this is the Rakyat who has suffered a lot as a result in hike in petrol price.The stock market tumble as a result of this fight because foreign investors is selling their shares in malaysian stock market because they deem that the Pak Lah govt is not stable and does not give confident to them.The future outlook of the economy is uncertain given that the cost of living in Malaysia have increase tremendously while their salary have not increase.Thus,the Rakyat have to be prudent in their spending and this resulted in the reduction in the demand for goods and services as they are not confident in the economy which is managed by a corrupt govt. To overcome all this problems,we need a strong,clean,responsible and transparent govt and for this to happen Pak Lah and Najib must step down so that we can have another general election to elect a new govt.

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