Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Raja Petra - be careful as your life is in danger

Everyday I pray to my goddess of mercy at home. After reading the statutory declaration by RPK at Malaysia Today,I pray even harder so that the goddess will keep my fellow blogger RPK safe.RPK is what I call a towering malaysian who risk his life and that of his family in order to persue justice in this corrupted country.The problem in Malaysia is that those who are "kaki rasuah yang buat kerja tipu" are at the sametime great womaniser who get easily excited when they see a beautiful girl.We must salute RPK for his bravery and he must be careful of his nemesis Commissioner Bakri Zinin who is the investigator on the statutory declaration. As for RPK, I will walk with you all the way to Bukit Aman and if you read this blog and you need my help,write in a comment on this blog and I will help you. For the time being,please beef up the security for you and your family as the people you have accused are VVIP and bomb expert who may want to silence you once and for all.Take care and you will never walk alone.

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