Wednesday, December 17, 2008


According to Sime Darby Watch WeBSITE,Sime Darby is taking over IJN the National Heart Institute.This is bad news for all the poor Mak Cik,Pak Cik,Uncles and Aunties who is suffering HEART AILMENT and the days of cheap and subsidise medical treatment in the IJN is coming to an end.If Sime Darby Watch wed masters Azzudin is correct that the Govt under the MOF have sold IJN to Sime Darby and Rocky is right in saying that none of the good consultants have left,I think this govt is irresponsible and have not learn anything from the last election.The principal objective of the IJN is to provide cheap heart specialist medical care to the poor and needy and it will come to an end when Sime takes over. Just look at Subang Jaya Medical Center.I hope some legal expert out there can help me by advising whether a taxpayer like me can go to court to stop all this nonsense.Someone out there,please help because if we do not do something,a lot of poor people will be in trouble.To all the Mak Cik,Pak Cik,Uncles and Aunties who seek treatment in IJN,GEORGE CHOO will PRAY HARD for all of you.

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