Thursday, December 18, 2008

Govt consent to IJN takeover by SIME DARBY

Recently,the govt told EPF to loan RM 5 Billion to Valuecap to bailout their relatives and crony.The latest news today that the govt consented to IJN being taken over by SIME DARBY confirmed my suspicion that this irresponsible govt is on the verge of being BANKRUPT.If Sime Darby takes control of IJN,the days of cheap medical care for the poor and needy is coming to an end.The reason given by the DPM for the takeover is that the pay of DOCTORS and Nurses in IJN will increase with SD in control.The real reason the govt let go IJN is that it does not have enough money to sudsidise IJN as most of the money is corrupted.Imagine, if the huge amount that is corrupted by UMNO and BN is giver to IJN,the facility for health care will improve tremendously in the IJN.A group of DOCTORS left recently but the standard of health care provided by IJN is still the same and there is no reason for the govt to sell IJN to SD.To all the poor MAK CIK,PAK CIK ,Uncles and Aunties who suffer from heart disease,I will pray hard for you as the days of cheap medical care at IJN is coming to an end.I am willing to pay a lawyer to go to court to stop this nonsense and any lawyer willing to help,please make a comment on the comment column and I will come to see you.

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