Thursday, June 5, 2008

ROBBING THE RAKYAT by removing Subsidy

Today is a sad sad day for malaysian especially the innocent rakyat. An irresponsible government is robbing the rakyat again by drastically increasing the price of oil by 78 sen a liter to RM 2.70. This prove that the govt is in deep financial trouble on the way to being BANKRUPT if it do not increase the petrol price. There is not an inch of reason for Pak Lah to increase the price of petrol because of the following reasons:-

1) Malaysia produce more oil than that it consumed.

(In Barrels Per Day)2005200620072008
Consumption( 575000 )( 598000 )( 620000)value
Excess for export1230006300030000value

2) Our oil TAPIS is the most expensive oil in the market and as at 30thMay 08, the price of TAPIS is US $138 per barrel compare to US$126 for West Texas and US$130 Brent crude oil.

3) Petronas profit and contribution to the government is:-

Net Profit (In RM)46 Billion43 Billionvalue
Contribution (In RM)44.7 Billion41.7 Billionvalue
Average sales price per barrelUS$ 68.50US$ 61.60value

Nor Mohd Yaakob had admitted that an increase of US$1 per barrel will bring in an additional US$ 250 MILLION to Malaysia. AS proven by the figures above, there is NO reason to increase petrol price. The govt is in financial difficulties because we have people who are "Kaki Rasuah Yang Buat Kerja Tipu " (corrupt who do fraudulent work) running our country despite all the natural resources that are available.Half of the Kaki Rasuah was removed by the general election and in order to help the suffering Rakyat, we have to kick out the balance of them. Our two leaders are weak and ineffective as one is useless who is unable to control his members while the other is bogged down by the mongolian case.That is why our govt have so much problems. Kepada Pak Lah dan Najib serta UMNO dan BN, Sila BERUNDUR kerana RAKYAT TAK CAYA KAMU SEMUA LAGI.

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