Monday, June 2, 2008

Airport tax, ERL & DR M

I fetch Farid to KLIA for his flight to London and on the way to the airport, I told him that Nades from The Sun reported that RM 6 of his airport tax which is supposed to go to the govt is given to ERL, the operator of the train from KL Sentral to KLIA. His response was "Buat apa bagi ERL" (why give to ERL). For your infor,RM6 and RM2 of our airport tax for international and domestic flight respectively are given to ERL. Just like the agreement between TNB and IPP, all these was done during DR M time as PM. The agreement is so lopsided that then TNB chairman Ani Arope refused to sign the agreement in defiance against M and he resigned from TNB. On labour day at BUM 2008, I asked Nades on the airport tax deal and he informed us that ERL have written to inform him that the figures of RM 6 andRM 2 is wrong. Subsequently,he wrote to ERL for more details but receive no reply. Thus, it is the duty of the current government to correct this problem. I hope that Nades can update us on this. To Dr M, Saya George Choo berterima kasih kepada Dr M kerana berjasa kepada negara selama 22 tahun sebagai PM. Tolonglah DR , DUDUK DIAM DIAM di rumah dan jangan jadi macam Lee Kuan Yew.

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