Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stop Attacking Hassan and Petronas

With the fuel hike,malaysian are criticizing Hassan Merican and Petronas for not helping to reduce the petrol price.Petronas is professionally well managed and credit must be given to Hassan and the management team.This is proven by the annual profit that Petronas made and its huge contribution of RM 52.3Billion given to the PM Dept in 2007. CEO Hassan is a good professional manager.I can Vouch for him as I work under him in the accounting firm of Hanafiah,Raslan and Mohamad (HRM) in the eighties.The problem with Malaysia is not Hassan or Petronas but with the "KAKI RASUAH YANG BUAT TIPU " that is still in the govt. So folks,STOP ATTACKING HASSAN AND PETRONAS. If there any opportunity arises,we the RAKYAT must CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT THROUGH THE DEMOCRATIC ELECTION before Pak Lah,Najib,UMNO and BN destroy the Malaysia further.

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