Thursday, June 12, 2008

Taking referee and linesman to the massage parlour

My friend Low Pan is very sad and very very angry after the Euro 2008 game between Switzerland and Czech Republic.He is sad because the team that he invested heavily on which is Switzerland has loss.At the same time he is very angry because the Italian referee Rosetti did not award 2 penalties to the host despite Czech captain Ujfalusi twice clearly handle the ball inside the penalty box.He told me that if the game is play in Korea, the referee will definitely give the home team a penalty which I am in total agreement with him.I told him that the reason the referee did not award the penalty is because the Swiss did not take good care of the referee and the two linesman. We, Asians by nature is very good in extending our hospitality and friendship to our guest beside taking good care of them, unlike the Mat Salleh who is not good at it and do not take good care of the match officials. During the 2002 World Cup in Korea, the referee sided with the home team tremendously because the korean gave first class treatment to all the match officials.

Firstly, all match officials are house in 5 star hotel and are provided with a car and a driver to take them to any places that the officials wanted to go.

Secondly,the korean will accompany the match officials to shopping center to shop for anything especially the latest eletronic gadgets like handphone which the official receive as souvenirs.

Thirdly, the match officials are taken to posh restaurant to enjoy the best food and drinks that are served.

Lastly, after dinner, the match officials are taken to the best MASSAGE PARLOUR in Seoul which provide the the most beautiful girls in Korea.The girls is as beautiful as korean actress Lee Young Ae and the match officials are very happy as they are provided with korean beauties who KISS and BREAST MASSAGE them.This is what we call first class service which enable South Korea to reach the semifinal of the World Cup.

In their Quarter final match against Italy, the referee gave Korea a penalty even though korean striker Hong Soon Ho deliberately dive inside the penalty box. When Italian striker Totti was intentionally foul inside the box,instead of giving a penalty,the referee give a " Red Card Angpow " to Totti for diving.In the end Korea won. This is what we call first class korean hospitality in which the recipient will be angry at themselves if they do not return a favour to their kind host.That is why Korea went all the way to the semifinal and Switzerland is out of Euro 2008 after only 2 matches as the Swiss did not know how to take care of the match officials.

Therefore,it has been proven in the highest stage of world football that taking referee and the 2 linesman to the massage parlour actually help your team tremendously.

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