Monday, September 22, 2008

Pak Lah will " mati mati" fight to the end.

4 Umno supreme council members urge PM to resign as president of Umno in thursday supreme council meeting in order for Najib to take over. The power of the position of the Umno president who is also the PM is enormous.Therefore,it is not easy for Pak Lah to give it up as the PM control the whole country including the money in Petronas. In my opinion,the comments of 4 supreme council members will not be enough to prevent Pak Lah to contest for the president post even though Rafidah stated that Pak Lah will not get the necessary nominations required to contest. I believed that Pak Lah will "MATI-MATI" fight those who want to remove him as he is not going to relinquish power without a fight.I would prefer Pak LAH to quit but I agreed with the Malaysian Insider which reported that Pak LAH will contest for the Umno president post irrespective of who is his opponent.In one of my earlier posting,I said that if Pak LAH is sincere to hand over power to Najib,he would have done so long ago and not June 2010. Let sit down and watch the exciting coming Umno election.

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WK said...

let's see what happen..all malaysians will be waiting for this show.