Friday, July 25, 2008

Careful of predators who eye on rich college girls

Would u be worried if an unemployed widower father of two is after your college going daughter or niece? Your Take.As for me,without a shadow of a doubt,I WILL BASH HIM UP.Therefore,I read with great disgust a report in the Malay Mail that this guy by the name of JACK HO (Remember this name)would only said sorry to the family of Indonesian college student Beatrice Foo. We must accept the fact that Miss Foo is not a good girl but that is not a good reason for him to go after her.Because of his encouragement to her to leave her family for him,Miss Foo fall to her death from her apartment in Mont Kiara while attempting to climb down to see him. In the first place,he should have the decency to leave the college girl alone and he should not cheat her to say that he want to marry her. For all the parents out there,be careful of these predators like JACK HO as these are the people who can cause harm to your daughter.It would also be avisable to check on the friends and movement of your own daughter from time to time.Make sure that your daughter friends are good and decent people in order for all of us to live happily.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed any loving parents would do the same...

May they rest in peace!