Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Malaysiakini is 2 weeks late.

Today,Malaysiakini confirmed that Malaysia is in recession. With respect, web portal Malaysiakini confirmation is 2 weeks later than the confirmation of recession in Malaysia by George Choo on this website on my last posting on 19th November.As all our export market is in recession which make us lose our export revenue,the only way to avoid a recession is through "PUMP PRIMING" where the Govt spend big money on infrastructure projects to grow the economy through the "MULTIPLIER EFFECT".To do this the govt must have money like what the chinese govt have done by spending US$586 Million to move the economy.Unfortunately in Malaysia,because of corruption the govt is on the verge of BANKRUPTCY and it does not have money to carry out projects as it has cancelled projects like the Penang Outer Ring Road and monorail projects together with the fact that it has asked EPF to loan RM5 Billion to Valuecap.As I have advice the readers of this blog,we are in recession for the long run as the govt does not have money to grow the economy and the best defence is to control our expenditure as "NO ONE WILL CRY WITH YOU WHEN YOU ARE IN DEEP FINANCIAL TROUBLE".

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