Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pak Lah to contest for Umno presidency.

Tomorrow is the D-day where Pak Lah will make his announcement of whether to defend his president post.In my earlier posting,I said that he will fight " MATI MATI" TO THE END and until now I still belief that he will fight on even though the mainstream papers and blog like the Malaysian Insider which predict that he will retire from active politics. The position of the PM bring with it enormous power and financial rewards and therefore it is not easy for him just to let go the power to Najib and leave.Transition of power is not a simple process and I belief that Pak Lah will "MATI MATI " HOLD ON TO POWER and fight Najib. So,do not be surprised when Pak Lah announce that he will defend his Umno President post tomorrow.

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